The Problem

15-29 Yrs

#1 Cause of deaths among those aged 15-29 Yrs.


Million Seriously injured or disabled in last decade


People dying are in the age group of 18-44 Yrs


Over 100,000 family bread winners are lost every year


More than 40,000 children are left orphans every year


Road fatalities to be world’s fifth biggest killer by 2030 says WHO

what we do

Work with Government, Semi Government, Media, Private Organizations, Vehicle Manufacturers and Community to reduce the colossal waste of precious human life

Work as a pressure group to implement road safety laws and measures to reduce road accidents

Work with traffic enforcement agencies for effective traffic rules enforcement with minimum manpower

Work towards Automated traffic enforcement through use of technology

Create Awareness and Road safety culture among masses through educational programs

Improve the road user behavior and sense of courtesy and consideration towards other road users

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