Who We are:

Mission Road Safety is a Non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under Indian Trust Act 1882. MRS is an initiative towards saving lives on Indian roads. We work in association with government, private bodies and road users. MRS came into existence after an extensive research of road issues in India and Abroad by our team. Our Team comprises of personalities from varied backgrounds such as engineers, bureaucrats, social entrepreneurs passionate to reduce accidents and improve the overall road transportation ecosystem in India.

Our Vision:

We aim towards Zero Fatalities and Disabilities due to road accidents, every step towards saving a life is worth taken.

Our Mission:

Identifying and correcting causes of road accident by means of scientific research, data collection and assessment, surveys and inputs from subject matter experts. We are of the firm belief that road accidents are preventable. Our focus is to implement active safety measures to practically reduce the road accidents and passive safety measures to reduce the impact of accidents across the road transport system. Our Action plan to accomplish our vision involves correcting around following major areas(   ):

           Road Design & Geometry – Safe, Practical, Easy to use and Futuristic.

           Road Users – Robust Driving Licensing System, Road user behavior, Road Safety Culture.

           Vehicles – Safe Vehicles: Active & Passive Safety.

           Enforcement – Near 100% Automated Traffic Enforcement.

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